Technical Communication

Technical communication is the process of conveying scientific, engineering, or other technical information. In product design it is important to communicate the technical design intent along with the instructions to the manufacture. Technical communication is also used to instruct customers on how to use a product or service. Instruction manual and user guides are critical communication publications for your company.

Manufacturing Technical CommunicationTechnical Communication

Manufacturing documentation would include everything the manufacture would need to accurately produce the part or assembly. For part files you would list out feature dimensions, tolerances, surface finishes, revision history, and many other pieces of information. Assembly drawings may include things like weldment call-outs, assemble instructions, torque specifications, painting instructions, etc. This for of technical communication is critical to the success of the design. At CDC Innovations we provide these files with every project we design.

We also provide CAD conversion services. By providing 2D drawing files we can recreate them utilizing modern 3D modeling programs.


Installation and User Guide Communications

In order to properly present your product it is important to have accurate and detailed instructions, product specification, and installation sheets. CDC Innovations works directly with your marketing strategies to develop these critical customer technical communication files.


Patent Technical Communication

CDC Innovations also provides document support for patent applications. Patent applications require detailed drawings and demonstration to secure your intellectual protection. If you have an idea but don’t know how to protect it we’ll gladly put you in contact with quality intellectual property attorneys.