Project Management

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The failure or successful completion of a project is dependent  on planning and execution by the entire design group. At CDC Innovations we help our customers develop realistic and accurate project timelines. We can help keep the project in budget and on track by planning and monitoring.

Create a Project Scope

When any new project is conceptualized it is important to fully define scope of the project. The scope should include consideration for company strategy, project structure, along with the project definition.

Develop the Steps

The next step is to develop the detailed plan. This phase encourages the management staff to define a detailed work breakdown structure (WBS) that will be the backbone of the project management schedule. We can begin allocating resources to specific tasks and developing a working schedule. We can determine where the critical path resides along with any tasks that offer timing flexibility.

Execute the Project Management Plan

The final step in the process is execution and delivery. Constant monitoring of the project through status reports help ensure that your project will be on time and in budget. By monitoring the critical paths we can determinate and correct delivery issues in an efficient cost effective manor.