Product Design Portfolio

 CDC Innovations Product Design Portfolio

Welcome to our product design portfolio. We have selected a few our our past client projects to share their successes with you. Our portfolio spread across many industries including Medical, Militarry, LED, Marine, and consumer industries. Put out diverse experiences to work for you.

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Product Design Portfolio #1

Sanitary Liquid Level Sensor
This project is for the food and pharmaceutical industry.It features a 316SS housing rated for IP-67 protection. A fully encapsulated PCB with custom signal processing capabilities. This sensor was designed for some the harshest and wettest environments.

Product Design Portfolio #2
Industrial Automation Computer
Linux based single board computer with industrial specification for high heat environments. Features a beautiful 6061 aluminum extruded housing that also acts as a heat sink.
Product Design Portfolio #3
Magnetic Field Therapy
This product featured a custom Power and Communication PCB, and active cooling for magnetic coils. It has an attractive vacuum formed external case, along with sheet metal brackets and mounting chassis
Product Design Portfolio #4
Instrumentation Failures

Our client was experiencing failures in the field. Using FEA analysis we quickly determined the root cause for the deflections seen in the field.