Design Analysis

Product Design Analysis

Design Analysis is the process of systematically looking at potential designs for critical failure points. In recent years the analysis process has become heavily reliant on computation methods as well as hand calculations. At CDC Innovations we can provide both forms of analysis. When reviewing the structural strength of a product it is important to conduct an finite element analysis (FEA). For thermal loading and flow situations we can offer computational fluid dynamic (CDF) design analysisProduct-Design-Analysis

Structural Design Analysis

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

The purpose of FEA is to review the structural integrity of the part before manufacturing. This process can predict maximum yield strengths, bending displacement, and critical failure points. CDC Innovations uses this information to optimize the size for given loading conditions, thus reducing manufacturing costs by ensuring the product meets the loading requirements, but is not over engineered.



Thermal Design Analysis

In electro-mechanical  design the number one enemy.  it is possible to predict and control thermal loads such that you can minimize the effects of heat.  We use the latest software to verify designs for thermal load management. We can predict areas of concern, hot spots, maximum operating temperatures . Utilizing the CFD tools we can optimize the design for thermal management, aerodynamics, and flow calculations.


Manufacturing Design Analysis

This is the process of design and analysis to improve manufacturing of the product. Many of the driving principles for DFM have been implemented into the LEAN six sigma initiatives. Some of the common techniques used by CDC Innovations is  product simplification, prevention through conscious design, and tolerance analysis.