About CDC Innovations

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About CDC Innovations

CDC Innovations is a Tampa FL Product design frim. At CDC Innovations we ppossess the desire to help other businesses and inventors bring their ideas into fruition. We are a full-service engineering product design company that offers emchanical, electrical, and software product design solutions. We also have an extensive network of manufactures to help with your 3D prototyps, sheet metal fabrication, metal castings, and injection moldings. Our goal is to be an extension of the customer by helping them where we provide the most value.


About the Owner

Chris has over 8 years of diverse industry design and engineering experience. He obtained is bachelors in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. He continued his educational pursuit at the university of South Florida where he finished a masters of science in engineering management.

In his early career he was immersed in the field of industrial automation where he designed rugged instrumentation and human machine interface equipment. He also severed as the project manager for new, and existing client client installations. He later went on to hold other titles such as VP of engineering and CTO for several operational and start-up businesses . He has designed and implemented parts for military, medical, consumer, and industrial applications. His uniquely diverse background ensures novel proven solutions.

Christopher is married to Dr. Christine Pierce Campbell, a research faculty member at Moffitt Cancer Center. He enjoys automotive performance, entrepreneurship, and being outdoors.